Noémie Labrosse . Artist

Noemie Labrosse uses acrylic paint, watercolour, Chinese ink and stylus on iPad pro (digital tablet) to create women and more rarely men on the support, moving and alive. In keeping with fashion, each woman’s painting is named by her first name, as can dresses in fashion houses. The artist questions the relationship between the body and clothing, in a society where appearance becomes the most important factor; the place of women and their freedom.



Masque saignant


Sarah . Peinture acrylique

Danseuses . Peinture acrylique et aquarelle


Céline . Peinture acrylique




Danseuse . Peinture acrylique et aquarelle






Les amoureux

Yvette . Peinture acrylique et aquarelle

Conversation . Peinture acrylique

A few words about my painting

With watercolour, Noemie Labrosse seeks to recreate movement through task and transparency to create a living dynamic of characters.

The “Women” series offers “models” of elegance. Acrylic allows the artist to work the material with finesse while seeking the perfect movement between the body and the garment. She creates spaces by seeking to simplify shapes, share sensations through colour and the balance of elements between space and characters. 

Noemie Labrosse’s colourful worlds are inspired by her travels or places of daily life, the search for shapes and colours that nature and urban architecture offer. 

How to represent places and an atmosphere by purifying and selecting shapes and colours to get to the essential.

Creations on iPad pro

The iPad Pro allows Noémie to extend her search for the purity, movement and representation of women by playing on the infinite textures and possibilities offered by this digital medium. Words can join silhouettes to express feelings and sensations or be sufficient on their own to propose naive, serious, funny, sensitive sentences… as a piece of conversation that she shares with readers. His handwritten writing underlines the words of innocence, spontaneity and sincerity.



"Monde riant"